It is our goal at AJF Capital Management, Inc. to create a world that works for everyone by investing for the next generation. For 30 years we have been a sustainable asset management business, understanding what is important to our clients and putting meaning and their personal values into the money that they invest. In this rapidly evolving world, we believe this is such an important concept that is so often overlooked. Our consulting business will provide you with the knowledge, tools and insight to grow your business in a sustainable and responsible way. Whether you are an Asset Management/Advisory business or a small to mid-size institutional company looking to make an impact on the world, we are here to help.

Advisory Client: Typical Engagement

Provide a clear path to sustainable investing, saving advisors time by cutting through details.

  • What is ESG and Sustainable Investing?
  • Analyze what is important to your clients
  • Survey clients and create a plan around results
  • Identify resources for advisors to utilize when conducting research
  • Understanding and making informed decisions using ESG ratings
  • Teach about the value of shareholder engagement
  • Instruct clients on various advocacy groups and how to maximize usage
  • Develop impact reporting for clients

Corporate/Small Business Client: Typical Engagement

  • Analyze corporate structure and identify what is important to investors, employees, and clients
  • Develop and assist in implementation of a corporate plan to increase sustainable processes helping to mitigate risks of potential financial and brand damage
  • Provide training / education to decision making employees
  • Environmental and Social awareness
  • Reporting impact back to shareholders, employees, clients and general public